Do you want to learn how you can do paid search through Google Ads with these easy techniques? Check out these tips to see how your ads can rank #1 on Google!

What is Paid Search?

Paid Search is a form of digital marketing where search engines allow advertisers to display their ads as search engine results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), also known as cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to drive in traffic. This makes it easy to measure and control your marketing channel compared to other traditional ways of advertising.

How does Paid Search work?

Here are some steps to find out how you can create ads on any platform.

1. Choose your location.

To start off, You can customize and specify where you would like your ads to be displayed.

2. Choose your Keywords

Now, keywords are certain terms that are relevant to what you are trying to advertise. For example, if you have a suit outlet, you would use keywords like “suits for men”, “designer suits”, “men’s suits”, etc.

3. Choose your Match Type

In paid search, there are 3 keywords match types that can impact your search.

  1. Exact match: Your keywords will be represented like this [designer suits]. Using this technique, ads will be displayed when that exact term is searched.
  2. Phrase match: The keyword will look like this: “designer suits”. This keyword would also present your ads if someone looks up that exact term, but with words before or after it (e.g. “nice designer suits” or “designer suits near me”).
  3. Broad match: The keyword will look like this: designer suits. This will broaden the search of the ad and have it displayed in any order (e.g. ‘cheap suits’, ‘black suits’, etc.)

4. Create your ad!

Now, you can create an ad for when anyone looks up your keywords. Text ads have 3 primary elements:

  1. Headline 1, 30 characters
  2. Headline 2, 30 characters
  3. Description, 80 characters

To learn more about Paid Search and Google Ads, check out this video to see what tips and techniques they have to talk about.

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