keyword research

It’s 2019 and having an effective keyword research skill is very important in the digital marketing world. Having this vital skill will not only advance your SEO and PPC but will help the topic you’re writing about.

What is Keyword Research?

According to Rachel Leist, author of, keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The insight that you get from this will help with your content strategy as well as an overall marketing strategy.

The purpose of performing keyword research is to find certain words and phrases that people are searching for on search engines. For example, someone could be searching for “pizza near me” and that phrase would be ranked throughout Google to give you the best search result. Now, these terms are relevant to the product/service on your site, hence the service of “pizza”.

But it takes more than just placing words to get the optimal results. It takes time to understand your audience and what they are specifically looking for and by giving them answers with content that they need. This is where you would use a mix of phrases and keywords.

Check out this video by Neil Patel on how to effectively do your Keyword Research

Why is Keyword research so important?

This is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts, driving every decision you make. Using an effective research plan is important for you to rank highly on search engines. Using tools such as Googles Keyword Planner will help you figure out profitable keywords that will determine a profitable niche that will drive traffic. These effective tools will help your target market (niche), rank well and drive traffic to your website to promote your product/service. All these tips help enhance your marketing effectiveness.

How do I find the best keywords?

  • Use a keyword search tool
  • Understand your target market (niche)
  • Create a buyer persona
  • Monitor your change in rankings and traffic

Hopefully, this will give you some insight into the importance of how to effectively utilize keywords to rank highly. If this was helpful, make sure to check out Michigan Onsite SEO Techniques or Michigan Google Ads optimization for more techniques and strategies.